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October 18, 2009


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ECS period is so boring that it can bring the poet out of you. This i dedicate to all irresistible girls that i have ever met who added spice to my life.



She passed her venom onto my lips
Still I drank it in pleasurable sips
It tasted salty like her sweat
Its ecstacy float raging my blood
And I was raised and touched the heavens

My body trembled,my skin burnt
I can feel the venom in my veins
It conquered my hands,legs and my heart
And finally moved up to my head

It wasnt like the burn of marijuana
and not the intoxication of martini
I felt the hell burning,right inside my head
I tried to fight that burning thoughts

The venom carved her face inside the walls
And left that burning wounds inside
It pained only after she left
And i lost myself to the burning venom.

Written by :  Alan
Editted by : Vishwajeet
Reviewed by:  Prashant

“This is wild and has a sense of its own and coming right from heart.The best part is that you can feel the HELL.” – Prashant

All copyrights for me….LOL.

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October 11, 2009

Windows 7 rocks

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Although MS(Microsoft) is currently facing threats from all sides(Google, Symantec etc) , as always, it still comes up with something new, and more importantly, something very valuable. I’m talking about the product of the year “windows 7”.

Some people always dislike “The Mighty” and will always complain about it.This psychological phenomenon is expressed by the so-called Linux Fan Boys when someone says the word WINDOWS or Microsoft.There is no treatment for that. I’m too a Linux fan but not a windows hater. Its like spoon and fork. You need both to eat.Its just choose the best accordingly for your work.

Back to Windows 7.I wont say “its the best and it has no bugs or faults”.Even i had some Hard Disk problems(My two drives crashed due to some reasons and windows 7 restricted access for my parallel Windows XP into that drive.) and downward permission problems(user permission restriction of drives in windows 7 cant be altered in windows XP). These are something perfectly natural for a new OS.

But the point i’m gonna express is different.

My friend Rohan came with a 16 GB Kingston Datatraveler G2 USB flash Drive,corrupted and cannot be accessed or formatted. I tried windows XP disk management utility,windows Diskpart commands and some professional tools like Acronis Disk Management. Same error “Windows cannot complete formatting the following disk”. I tried to enter into Windows 7 after trying again with Acronis. It worked like magic with Windows 7 and windows successfully formatted.Thanks to Microsoft and the minds behind Windows 7. The apparant problems are solved now but i know some may exist because the flash drive has some hardware problems. But on the software side Windows 7 make it maximum available for use.

This is the villain of the story.

This is the villain of the story.


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Experiment is a method of investigating causal relationships among variables, or to test a hypothesis.

Here I’m beginning the journey through the variables which are randomly generated in this life. My journey through my life and my experiments will be expressed here. I’m not promising an output but the system will be modified by this effort. And for every action, there is a cause. I bow before the Cause.

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