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February 26, 2011

Fixing Volume Control Unit of Creative Inspire M2600 2.1 Speaker System

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I have a creative inspire m2600 2.1 speaker system with desktop computer. Though the sub-woofer quality declined after an year after I bought it, the speakers are cool. Its volume control unit wasn’t working for 1-2 years. But I was adjusting by tightening the volume control knob. Whenever someone touch the knob, I need to go through the herculean task or re-adjusting.


Six months back, I went to a local electronic shop to repair the volume control unit. They said me that the resistor inside the chip went wrong and I need to get the chip or the unit to be replaced. You can see the chip here


I know that would cost me so much for something that I’m not using frequently. So I left it as it is.

Today when I need to watch a movie, I found that knob is not at all working. So I just googled to know whether I can buy the chip from Creative or from Ebay. A lot of other people also had the same problem. Carefully reading through the forums, I got the solution.


Some people solved their knob problem with a little lubricating oil or WD-40 or petrol (I don’t recommend petrol, cause their may be heat and petrol can ignite the knob… LOL)Since I can’t get any petrol or other similar lubricants, I used a lubricant made by mixing coconut oil and kerosene which was there in my store room and it worked like a charm.

Apply 2-3 drops of your lubricant on the knob after disconnecting it (as in figure) from the wires. Keep it open for 2 –3 minutes and then wipe off any lubricant spread over other parts of the chip. Connect the pins to the connector and check your sound system.



  1. it was helpful for me,my volume control works like a charm.

    Comment by pratheesh — March 28, 2011 @ 9:16 am | Reply

  2. stupid inforrmation

    Comment by — August 13, 2011 @ 5:26 am | Reply

  3. im facing the same problem . then i remove the volume controller wire n buy a simple stereo cable who is connecting pc n sub woofer ,its working fine but im really missing the vol level control
    u said apply that lubricant made by u i’ll try lets see the result

    Comment by Usman Javed — August 13, 2011 @ 6:15 am | Reply

  4. Did not work for me. Mine got ruined with the oil. I believe lubrication will only add to more damage.
    These parts work better with contact cleaners / degreasers. The oil does the opposite.

    Since I too did not want to spend any money on this. I just bypassed the volume control thingy and
    shorted the red-red, black-black and white-green to work. I adjust the volume from my PC now.

    Comment by Rahim — August 22, 2011 @ 7:01 pm | Reply

  5. thanks dude, it worked for me by just trying coconut oil 🙂

    Comment by Shahriar Kabir — September 28, 2011 @ 11:54 am | Reply

  6. OMG! I never thought it would work but it did! I had a Creative Inspire 2.1 speakers that had exactly the same problem. I searched google images for “repair volume control of speaker system” and your image result gave me some hope. And the rest, as they say, is history. Thank you so much! Thank you so, so much!

    Comment by Ritesh — October 24, 2011 @ 3:10 pm | Reply

  7. I also have this sound system and also same problem as your system.

    But It is not chip, it is just simple circuit, which containing Variable resistor and 2 green pins input for volume control.
    And replacing the variable is not a big deal, This variable can be purchased from any electronics shop in 10 US cents.(it has 5 pins)
    I have replaced this v resistor 3 times myself by using only soldering iron.

    Comment by Zeeshan — November 15, 2011 @ 12:32 pm | Reply

  8. still not working

    Comment by sanjeev — November 21, 2011 @ 2:17 pm | Reply

  9. found the simplest of fixes, bought a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and removed the faulty piece of equipment all together! 😀

    Comment by chintan — February 2, 2012 @ 1:27 pm | Reply

  10. works gr8!

    Comment by Nithin — April 15, 2012 @ 6:48 am | Reply

  11. where exactly of the knob the lubricant should b given?

    Comment by A SINHA — May 5, 2012 @ 5:20 am | Reply

  12. A dab of WD-40 on the volume wheel fixed the problem for me:)

    Comment by Joe — May 7, 2012 @ 10:42 am | Reply

  13. @Sinha centre of circular wheel – on the top of it…
    @all-those-who-got-it-working i know how you feel… thought it was silly first, right?
    @all-those-who-didnt-get may be you have some other problem, may be you have messed it up with too much oil… if u find any solution, share it please..

    Comment by alanabraham — July 10, 2012 @ 2:46 pm | Reply

  14. its amazing buddy,thanx for this valueble info:)))

    Comment by Nishant Aggarwal — August 4, 2012 @ 12:44 pm | Reply

  15. sir, i have using the Inspire 2.1 2500 Model Speaker. but one chanel is not working from last Few months. i remove the the cables with vol.cont. and directed with a other sterio cable. now working with both the channel. but i need the volume control. is it available ? or say the vol. controller value like . 1K linear or 10 k Linear. its model no is MS0309A

    Comment by muralidhar ayanur — September 16, 2012 @ 10:15 pm | Reply

  16. it also works with only coconut oil.

    Comment by Pathik — September 28, 2012 @ 5:52 am | Reply

  17. just spray ur doedorant or perfume into the the volume control through ur knob while repeatedly turnin ur knob back n forth….dis wud wrk thx..

    Comment by MJ — October 20, 2012 @ 4:48 pm | Reply

  18. Oh mann…!! That was awesome…!! I really got my Volume control fixed…!!Now it works very very fine..!!!!! Thanks for that trick….

    Comment by Danny — November 21, 2012 @ 10:30 am | Reply

  19. Thanks for the idea.

    Was thinking of purchasing the cable + volume control from creative, though, wasn’t sure, if its available. I used the CD Cleaner Solution (Watery, not oily) on the Volume Control Knob, after opening. Also dabbed it on the Metal Disc (visible from the side). Rotated couple of times and blew hard from mouth just to clear off the liquid from the circuit. Used a Soft Cloth (used for cleaning LCD Screen) to dab the liquid and also cleaned the rest of the PCB.

    My right speaker wasn’t working properly. Now works great !!

    Thanks again.

    Comment by Emendeep Singh — May 12, 2013 @ 7:49 am | Reply

  20. in most of cases that i have seen,problem lies at the audio input pin connected to sub-woofer.try to adjust it,at some point sound to both speakers comes.

    Comment by abhishek — May 26, 2013 @ 2:32 pm | Reply

  21. i remove the controller and direct the female connector with couple of wires on the controller and enjoying my muzic….!!!simple as that….!!

    Comment by Rahul — June 6, 2013 @ 2:15 pm | Reply

  22. Itsssssssssssssssssssss workingggggggggggggggggggggg


    I add Coconut oil in knob

    Comment by Pradip Kunjir — July 7, 2013 @ 1:05 pm | Reply

  23. Ethanol / after shave worked like a charm and helped me to solve the problem. But i dried thoroughly through a hand blower before I used it.

    Comment by melvin joe — December 23, 2013 @ 6:05 pm | Reply

  24. i have creative SBS 2.1 370 ……facing same problem…..i also plug out wires from the chip… need to put them in the same order….can anyone please share a snapshot of the wiring in serial

    Comment by salman — January 8, 2014 @ 1:34 pm | Reply

  25. Thanks man!
    I just lubricated with regular cooking oil , it works fine now !!

    Comment by Mohak Adav — July 27, 2014 @ 3:09 pm | Reply

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