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October 18, 2009


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ECS period is so boring that it can bring the poet out of you. This i dedicate to all irresistible girls that i have ever met who added spice to my life.



She passed her venom onto my lips
Still I drank it in pleasurable sips
It tasted salty like her sweat
Its ecstacy float raging my blood
And I was raised and touched the heavens

My body trembled,my skin burnt
I can feel the venom in my veins
It conquered my hands,legs and my heart
And finally moved up to my head

It wasnt like the burn of marijuana
and not the intoxication of martini
I felt the hell burning,right inside my head
I tried to fight that burning thoughts

The venom carved her face inside the walls
And left that burning wounds inside
It pained only after she left
And i lost myself to the burning venom.

Written by :  Alan
Editted by : Vishwajeet
Reviewed by:  Prashant

“This is wild and has a sense of its own and coming right from heart.The best part is that you can feel the HELL.” – Prashant

All copyrights for me….LOL.

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