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May 31, 2011

Questions India ask to Google

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Its quite interesting to know what other people are  thinking. Even more interesting to know their doubts. Google stands as the Wise Old Man who answers our doubts. We know what all kinds of questions we ask to Google. So what will be others asking? Google Zeitgeist is a feature tells what people were asking google in a year. They have all weird graph stuff to show what are the rising trends in search. But to know the top 10, you just need to look at the search autocomplete (or search suggestion) feature. Here are a few wh questions that Indians ask Google


1. Who




2. What



3. Where


4. Why


5. Which


6. When 


7. How




Check out the first among top 10 how searches- ‘how to get pregnant’ LOL, its funny. That’s what is Indian women searching. Hmm, interesting, really interesting…. Smile


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